About FifoCI

FifoCI is a system used to continuously test Dolphin's GPU rendering code. Dolphin can record and replay data sent from the CPU to the GPU, allowing for isolated GPU testing without requiring a full game to be emulated. FifoCI uses this in conjunction with Dolphin's frame dumping feature. Each Dolphin version is tested by rendering a chosen set of FIFO logs, dumping the frames, and comparing the dumped pixels data to previous versions of the emulator. Changes in behavior are emphasized so that improvements and regressions are easily visible.

The FifoCI homepage shows the most recent Dolphin versions that have at least one graphical rendering difference ("boring" versions are skipped and not shown). A red cell indicates that Dolphin could not render a given FIFO log, which usually means one of the features FifoCI relies on has been broken. A green cell indicates that the rendering was successful. If a link is present in the cell, it means a difference was found compared to the previous Dolphin version. Clicking that link will show the difference frame by frame.

FifoCI can also be used to show all renderings for a given version, or results for one specific test. Click the links and experiment!

Finally, this is an open source project, you can find us on GitHub by following the "Source code" link in the sidebar. Please contribute and report bugs.