Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 - Bump Mapping


TODO: Reference rendering here.

Being the beautiful bastards that they are, Factor 5 used some fairly fancy features for the ground in Rogue Squadron 2's land stages. Because these games weren't playable for so long in Dolphin, we don't actually emulate the feature at all.

It is the form of

case XF_TEXGEN_EMBOSS_MAP: // calculate tex coords into bump map

if (components & (VB_HAS_NRM1|VB_HAS_NRM2))
            not this, this is emulated right.
            // Rogue Squadron 2's case
    uid_data->texMtxInfo[i].embosssourceshift = xfmem.texMtxInfo[i].embosssourceshift;
    out.Write(" =;\n", i, texinfo.embosssourceshift);

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